Monday, January 3, 2011


The yamaha vixion new cool bike was adapted and looked like a cool antagonism motorbike. It is the accurate antagonism motor bike, i accept that if you ride it the womans will chase you. this motor bike is advised and corrective in red stile and for Indonesian accent bodies will say Modifikasi Motor Macho. it is absolutely admirable motor bike bro.. The architecture has added address to “MALE”. The agent is 106cc distinct butt and 4 stroke. Its ergonomics are perfect, the handlebar alcove up to the rider, with the bench and footrests advised for the absolute posture. The four-speed gearbox is Yamaha’s above backbone which provides accomplished acknowledgment and beating is around not existing.But i am so apologetic if i aghast you because i still adopt the bajaj pulsa.
Yamaha Vixion so the second option, because it looks OK, the performance is also OK. The problem, quite motor ni 'seize' the contents of the wallet ... wqwqwqwq. Nothing really, still able to afford, the problem is .. there is no residual make weekly dates ... yes? hahaha-plus, had just stopped by a dealer there were price increases in 2011 this.

For the fans of motor sport, the emergence of new models from Yamaha Vixion was much awaited. Indeed, news about the emergence of new models of Vixion has been heard since 2008.

Untuk spek dari motornya itu sendiri, model baru dari YAMAHA VIXION ini tidak mengalami perubahan. Perubahan yang tampak dari model baru ini pertama dari front view, tampilan bentuk lampu yang dipakai. Memiliki model yang lebih aerodinamis.

Other changes from the new model Yamaha Vixion is on the side striping that gives the impression of more dynamic.

Latest model of this Vixion has a design that is slimmer than before, making it more agile to use city streets.

With various additions given to the new Yamaha Vixion is certainly provide added value, especially for fans of motor sport. New Vixion was launched in December 2009 and then, and is now available at Yamaha dealers nearest your city.

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